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Beyond Timber

Reconciling the Needs of the Logging Industry with those of Forest-Dependent People.

This project aims to produce information, tools and guidelines that will be adopted by concessionaires and government agencies to reduce conflicts between timber extraction and NTFP production, and thus between concessionaires and communities.

Beyond Timber Brochure


Project Spop

Sustainable Palm Oil Production (SPOP)

Sustainable Development of Palm Oil Production: Designing strategies from improved knowledge on oil palm cropping systems.

The objectives of the project are: i) to investigate the influence of global changes on the various oil palm cropping systems, ii) to identify the obstacles, opportunities, and uncertainties for the adaptation of these systems to global constraints, and iii) to elaborate strategies and tools designed to facilitate the transition towards sustainable oil palm cropping systems.

Expected outputs will include new knowledge and data on the 3D impacts of global constraints on oil palm plantations, innovative tools to assess these impacts and support decision making processes and recommendations for the transition of cropping systems towards sustainability.



The SAFSE Project

Search for trade-offs between production and other ecosystem services provided by tropical agroforestry systems

The project proposes to analyse trade-offs and synergies between provisioning services (production) and the other types of ecosystem services (support, regulation) provided by Agroforestry Systems (AFS). By enhancing knowledge of the biophysical and socio-economic mechanisms underlying the functioning and dynamics of AFS, the project intends to provide a generic basis for optimizing trade-offs between production and other ecosystem services in order to help increase the resilience of these agro-ecosystems and the societies that depend on them.



Project fta


Issue bounded Sentinel Landscape. “Oil palm: Landscapes, market chains and investment flows”.

The issue bounded Sentinel Landscape on Oil Palm (SL-OP) is one of the Tier-1 sentinel landscapes (SL) selected under this initiative under the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. The SL-OP has been conceived as a way to understand, on one hand, the financial and trade patterns associated to a vigorous expansion of global value chains of palm oil that links domestic, regional and international timber trade and actors, and on the other hand, to assess the implications of palm oil market development for the expansion of oil palm plantations under different business models across a number of landscapes in select countries.

SLOP presentation

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